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Perftoran – blood-substituting agent to the gas transmission function is used as antiischemic agents and antishock. The drug has a rheological, hemodynamic, diuretic, membrane stabilizing, cardioprotective and sorption properties. The half-life perftorana from the bloodstream is about 24 hours. SAW completely leave the body through the kidney during the first day. Perfluorocarbons are chemically inert and is not metabolized in the body. Dates removing them from the body are dependent on the administered dose. When using perftorana in a therapeutic dose 10 ml / kg body weight perfluorocarbons completely eliminated winstrol pills from the body within 8 months.

Indications Perftoran recommended for use as a blood substitute with gas transport function for:

  • acute and chronic hypovolemia (travmatiticheskom, hemorrhagic, burns and infectious toxic shock, traumatic brain injury, operating and postoperative hypovolemia).
  • violation of microcirculation and peripheral circulation (change of tissue metabolism and gas exchange, septic condition, infection, stroke, fat embolism).
  • Regional perfusion lung lavage, washing festering wounds and other abdominal cavities.
  • antiischemic protection for organ donation (preliminary preparation of the donor and recipient).

Contraindications The use of perftorana contraindicated in hemophilia; during pregnancy can be used only for health reasons.

Special instructions: During pregnancy and lactation the drug can be used only for health reasons.

Precautions The drug is not suitable to use th in the case of:

  1. Bundles of emulsion (the presence of transparent oily droplets deposited on the bottom even after shaking);
  2. Appearance of a white precipitate at the bottom of the vial.

It is forbidden to :

  1. Strongly shake winstrol pills thawed drug
  2. Defrost the drug at temperatures above + 30 ° C;
  3. Store at a temperature below -18 ° C.

Dosage and administration Before transfusion perftorana physician should conduct a visual inspection of the drug. The drug is considered to be suitable for use in the absence of cracks in the bottle, save Sealed, safety labels. The results of the visual inspection of bottles and label data (name of the drug, the company – the manufacturer, batch number) are recorded winstrol pills for sale in the history of the disease. In the application of perftorana necessarily holding the biological sample: after a slow introduction of the first 5 drops of the drug is stopped administered for 3 minutes, then introduced another 30 drops and again stop transfusions for 3 minutes. In the absence of reaction continues the intravenous administration of the drug. Biological sample results must be recorded in the history of the disease. Treatment of acute blood loss and shock . Perftoran administered intravenously or by bolus dose of 30 ml of 5 kg of body weight. Maximal effect of the drug, if, during and after the infusion, during the day the patient is breathing a mixture enriched with oxygen. For the treatment of microcirculation disorders of various origins drug should be administered in a dose of 8.5 ml kg body weight. Re-drug can be administered in the same dose three times at intervals of 2-4 days. To improve oksigenatsionnogo effect during therapy suitable supply air mixture enriched with oxygen through a mask or nasal catheter. For antiischemic protection of donor organs introducing drip or bolus dose of 20 ml / kg body weight of donors and recipients for 2 hours before surgery. Perftoran The regional application . Perftoran used for limb perfusion when filling oxygenator standard rate of 40 ml / kg body weight. The local application perftoran used similarly to traditional means of drug therapy.

Side effects are possible allergic reaction (hives, itching, redness of the skin), increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, fever, headache, pain behind the breastbone and in the lumbar region, difficulty in breathing, anaphylactoid reactions. In the case of these reactions or complications of infusion should be discontinued immediately and without removing the needle from the vein, to enter, depending on the clinical desensitizing, cardiac, glucocorticosteroid, vasopressors and other drugs used in the treatment of anaphylactic shock.

Interactions with other drugs can not use the drug together winstrol pills (in the same syringe, system, apparatus of artificial blood circulation) with dextran or polyglucin rheopolyglucin and oksietilkrahmalom. These solutions should be introduced if necessary into another vein or after the end of the infusion perftorana. buy anabolic steroids online bruce lee’s workout anabolic steroids online uk best bodybuilding breakfast foods nucynta 100 mg bodybuilding gym routine